Healing Oil Infused Comb

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The Macadamia Oil Infused Comb blends Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment with a specially formulated resin to nourish and detangle hair.

  • Hassle-free nourishment and tangle maintenance
  • Detangles hair while adding shine and smoothness
  • Oil treatment benefits with no residue on hands
  • Provides even distribution of Healing Oil Treatment

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Dave 9/21/2017
Great for men
My wife bought one of these combs for me after she noticed my hair caught in hers. I like that it's a neutral color. It doesn't break my curly, shoulder-length hair. And my hair is thick/coarse, I think it's softer after using this comb for a few weeks.
Rachel K 8/31/2017
Tames Curly Hair
This is the best comb for curly, coarse hair! I have so much less breakage since using it regularly, and it calms down frizz without leaving residue. I don't get tangles at the nape of my neck anymore, either. I will never buy another type of comb.