No Tangle Brush

The Macadamia No Tangle Brush utilizes a unique “flex bristle” design that gently diffuses tangles and knots, painlessly and safely detangling hair. The remarkable bristles of the hair brush eliminate pulling, split-ends and breakage. The No Tangle Brush is so gentle that cuticle damage is minimized, helping protect the vibrancy, shine and longevity of color-treated hair.

  • Smooths the cuticle layer
  • Minimizes breakage, splitting and damage
  • Painless and stress-free detangler
  • Recommended for fragile or chemically-treated hair
  • Excellent for scalp massage and improved circulation
  • Safe for use with hair extensions

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Kimberley 12/16/2017
Wow! Better than a hairdressers wash
I'm so impressed how soft this is to brush my hair and then how great and tingly my scalp feels after!
I've tried so many brushes and combs but this is really something else.
It also makes up styles super easy especially for someone like me with misbehaving cow licks.
Plus I have super fine hair which normally gives me a ton of static in every brush but this gets rid of it that surprised me considering it's a plastic brush.
Totally worth every cent!
Heather 11/19/2017
I can not believe how well this brush works. It very effectively gets tangles out completely painless. I even had a pink hair extension put in for the month of October and when I used other brushes, they caught the glued-in extension badly. This brush went right over it like it was a part of my natural hair. For anyone who is tender headed or gets crazy tangles, this is definitely the brush for you!
Judi 7/16/2017
Love it!
I am buying another because my girlfriend likes to use mine all the time. She's even taken it with her. I have relaxed hair and it works like a detangler and feels good on the scalp. My girlfriend wears wigs and she says it doesn't rip the hair and restores them to new condition. I have this one and the "paddle" brush. I use and live them both. I no longer use combs.